First of all, a refinance mortgage is needed due to changes in what different banks can offer. Hence by having your mortgage reviewed regularly, we can save you thousands over the life of the mortgage. Use our home loan calculator and see for yourself. A refinance mortgage can be very beneficial.

Probably your financial situation could have changed. As a result you are a more favourable borrower to the banks. Hence, you probably qualify for a better refinance mortgage offer. Or maybe your needs could have changed. Maybe your home loan may not be up to date. Also another lender may have advanced mortgage features. This may be especially relevant to you now. All as a result of bank competition.

Therefore, by talking to Alliance Credit, we probably can save you thousands over the life of your mortgage because we can offer a better refinance mortgage rate. This is due to having access to over 200 mortgage products. Since we have over 30 different lenders to choose from. Most of all, we take your individual situation into account. And help you achieve your individual financial goals.

Do I need a refinance mortgage?

There are many different reasons for a refinance mortgage:

You may want to purchase another property. Consequently you want to access equity from your home to use as deposit and costs.

You may be looking to renovate your home. As a result you’re looking to refinance and access equity.

Your interest rate may be too high. Your product features out-dated therefore wanting to refinance your loan into cheaper and more advanced loan product

Your fixed rate may have recently expired. Hence you’re looking for a better interest rate and cheaper alternative

You may have car loans. Separate credit cards or personal loans. As a result you want to consolidate into a refinance mortgage. Enabling you to better manage your finances with a single repayment.

There could also be tax benefits for investors. Along with numerous other benefits specific to each individual. In conclusion, the experts at Alliance Credit will help choose the right strategy for you.

Refinance mortgage